LPPT is a female only training studio in Brisbane, West End as well as online! We offer training, macros, check ins, a supportive community as well as all the tools you need such as booty bands! We educate you on what to eat to reach your goals while also pairing this with the correct training to sculpt your body! If you’re tired of never getting anywhere, we want to cut through the fads and actually help you get the results you were always after!


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LPPT online – we offer many ebooks and guides, or we have challenges that sell out! These include weekly macros!

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  • Sculpting your body!
  • HIIT and strength training to get results fast and tone your body
  • Your nutrition is 80% so because of this we offer weekly macros!
  • Tracking your progress through: measurements and photos
  • Building a community of like minded women through our exclusive forum

We build lean muscle, and burn fat through our functional training sessions! So if you are looking to tone up you’re in the right place!

Over the past 5 years, LPPT has changed the lives of hundreds of women and continue to help women live their best lives!

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